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Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town

(?, US, 1989)

As with most Troma output, the title almost sums up the story here. A group of 'chopper chicks' ride into a remote town just as a local scientist's nasty experiments in corpse rejuvenation come to fruition. As the chicks mix with the locals, the zombies rise from the grave and the two groups meet headlong in a battle for survival.

The premise is set up within the first five minutes of this tedious film and dragged out, kicking and screaming, over 90 minutes, resulting in an unenviable experience. Some of the acting is fine and the production itself is okay if uninspiring. The taste of the jokes is fairly dodgy - even by Troma's standards. A midget character comes out with the line "If God had wanted me to do a normal job he would have made me look like normal people", and there are numerous gags revolving around the local home for blind orphans!

A fight or explosion is occasionally inserted to keep the viewer interested (or awake), but couldn't stop me (for the first time in years) putting a finger on the fast forward button several times. Despite an obvious attempt not to take itself seriously - circus music is used every time the zombies appear - this is an exceptionally monotonous way to spend and hour and a half. "What are you gonna do with eight broads on the rag?" asks one of the chicks, "Give 'em a miss" says I.

Rob Dyer

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