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(Charles Band, US, 1982)

This dismal dirge is just what one might expect from the Charles Band school of filmmaking. Despite Stan Winston's special effects and Irwin (Halloween) Yablans as executive producer, this (originally 3-D) horror film spins out an obvious 90 minutes of low-budget hell.

Sans 3-D effect, everything here is very one dimensional. I can happily inform you that (according to Mr Band and co.) the post WWIII future of 1992 (sic) America 'will be' overrun by moronic, leather jacket-wearing 'punks' and the rich will drive black Lamborginis with dubbed-on sound effects. Just a second... excluding those sound effects... that was 1992 America!

A relatively high-profile Demi Moore is the obvious reason MIA video decided we had to suffer through this again. Demi is fine, her acting standing head and shoulders above everyone else, but particularly 'star' Rob Claudini who frequently fails to even attempt 'acting'. A non-existent plot combines with Band's unique talent for utterly inept direction. Somebody stop him, please.

Rob Dyer

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