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The Mangler

(Tobe Hooper, US, 1995)

This slasher flick was sold on the strength of its collaborators: "The director of Poltergeist, the star of A Nightmare on Elm Street, based on a short story by Steven King" screamed the video sleeve. Still, that's way better than the official tagline: "There is a fate was worse than death" - how original is that?!

This is a fim about a laundry machine that eats people. Hmm... Actually, not as bad as it sounds (and I know how bad it sounds) but probably only as good as any film about a killer mangle can be. Nice soundtrack by Barrington Pheloung and a great performance by Ted Levine (the killer in The Silence of The Lambs, this time playing a cop) help no end. Brief scenes of graphic violence, dull direction and laughable premise, but fun nevertheless.

Rob Dyer

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