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Xtro 3: Watch the Skies

(Harry Bromley Davenport, US, 1995)

The third in the (loosely connected) Xtro alien SF/horror film series crept out on video in the UK thanks to MIA. A team of US marines is sent to an uncharted US army bomb test island to clear away unexploded shells but they rupture a concrete sarcophagus in an explosives mishap, releasing an alien entity bent on killing all lifeforms it encounters. Cue shades of Predator and hilarious rubber and wibbly, wobbly puppet alien effects. It has been sometime since I've had such a good laugh at the expense of a so-called 'special' effect. Yet, somehow, British (and original Xtro) director Harry Bromley Davenport manages to restore some integrity and care is taken to gradually build up the characters. This would have made a better war film (had all the alien references been removed) than the C-grade SF movie it is.

Rob Dyer

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