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Into The Deep

(Howard Hall, Japan/US/France/Canada, 1996)

Classic family orientated, nature based Imax documentary that despite the 3-D effect is really quite flat. The clunky attempts at narrative follow the undersea goings on in a neighbourhood around a vast kelp 'forest'. There are the usual attempts at applying anthropomorphic attributes to the main 'characters' which include a crab, a bright orange fish (can't remember the proper name), a sunstar (like a huge star fish only with many more legs), a couple of moray eels, etc. This vividly reminded me of those annoying 60s Disney live action documentaries typified by cute animals and annoying male voiceovers I used to watch on TV as a kid.

There's nothing here we've not seen a dozen times before as part of more detailed TV documentaries. The 40 minute running time doesn't really provide anything more than a cursory glance at, rather than any insight into, life on the ocean floor. If it's an insight into nature you're after - watch the BBC on a Sunday afternoon. If it's 3D Imax, then check out virtually every other 3-D Imax film instead. If it's entertaining undersea adventure, you need Finding Nemo. 4/10

Rob Dyer (April 2004)

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