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Fright Night Part 2

(Tommy Lee Wallace, US, 1988)

[Fright Night Part 2]Three years after Tom Holland's Fright Night, Tony Lee Wallace returns with Part 2. Although not in the same league of the first outing, Wallace's sequel still has a lot to offer. Some very stylish camerawork by Mark Irwin keeps the film flowing through the slower scenes and superb effects don't disappoint the gore fans.

With less blood and less humour than part one, Wallace gets good performances from the entire cast, particularly Traci Lind as Charley Brewster's girlfriend. An orchestral soundtrack (by Brad Terminator Fiedel) provides a refreshing change from the now, almost obligatory electronic score for a horror flick. Reprising their roles from the first film are William Ragsdale as Brewster and Roddy McDowell as horror film star Peter Vincent.

The ending hints at another possible sequel, providing the standards set by the first two are met, I would be up for a Fright Night Part 3. 6/10

Rob Dyer (July 1989)

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