House of Vans, London - 27 May 2015

"A newly created Guinness World Record"

When I went to this gig I had no intention of writing a review, as I have reviewed Foxes for this site before. However, for two reasons, I decided that I should.

Firstly the show was the completion of a newly Created Guinness World Record attempt to play the most gigs in 12 hours. Defined as the gigs had to be in cities (towns with a population over 100,000), that needed to be more than 50km (31miles) apart, and they would only consider creating the record if the number of gigs was greater than six. The second reason was because I was massively impressed by the performance and ability of the support act Red.

Red I will be honest and say I had never heard of Red before, and actually did not know who she was during her performance. She opened with a mashup of Charlie XCX covers Doing It and Fancy (I am a fan of Charlie XCX) but not normally of cover bands. But in this instance the quality of the vocals and the performance were at least on a par with the original artist, so I thought this was a great establishing opening. Red (possibly so-named on account of Nicole Simpson's flowing auburn hair) then went on to perform a number of her own tracks including her first single Louder, released on 1st June (full set list below). Whilst all tracks were towards the pop end of my musical spectrum, they were brilliantly performed and well executed songs. I can honestly say I have not been this impressed by a support act in this genre since I saw Ellie Goulding supporting Little Boots. 8/10

Setlist: Doing It/Fancy (Charli XCX mashup), Shhh, I Just WannaThis Isn't YouNeptune, Louder

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Photos [L-R]: Red, billboard, Foxes x2
Foxes The first time I went to see Foxes it was on the back of her featuring on Clarity by Zedd, and I was amazed by the quality of her set, her performance and her energy and you need to see her live to appreciate this as it does not come across on the CD.

Tonight being part of her world record attempt was a very short set (15 minutes) and she only performed four tracks - but it was worth it as she gave another outstanding performance starting with Body Talk - her new single.
It does not matter what rating I give her as having played gigs* that day in seven cities (Southampton, Brighton, Guildford, Reading, Oxford, High Wycombe and finally London) she was awarded a Guinness World Record. The world record attempt was to raise money and awareness for the Trekstock Charity 7/10

Setlist: Body Talk, Youth, Glorious, Let Go for Tonight

Review+Photos: Mark Smith

[* I'm not convinced 15 minutes qualifies as a gig, but since this was in the interests of charity, I won't contest it - Ed.]