[Chimaera At Heart cover]"Chimaera At Heart" (Album, 2011)

Out Of Line

Javelynn is the new project from former Ashbury Heights vocalist Yasmine (Yaz) Uhlins, with her musical partners Elle and Johan. As a fan of Ashbury Heights, and Yaz’s voice and ‘fuck-you’ attitude, I was disappointed when Yaz left that band in 2008 and missed her from the line-up. I was cheered up though by the news that she’d created her own project and was writing and recording new material for this their debut album.

That background possibly helps explain my reaction to Chimaera At Heart which is one tinged with disappointment. I wish it were otherwise. The general approach is akin to a magpie, with the borrowing of bits and pieces from a variety of genre sources. The press release describes it as "...a cocktail of girl power, Pop, Disco, New Wave, Punk and Electroclash" and they're not far wrong. But consequently the outcome lacks a distinctive character. Which is surprising, and a touch ironic, when Yaz herself is such a memorable personality. My tangible lack of enthusiasm won’t stop me going to see Javelynn live given the opportunity just so I could sample again Yaz’s unique personal style. Nevertheless, there’s no getting away from the conclusion. 6/10 

Rob Dyer (December 2011)

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