[Chasing Silence sleeve]"Chasing Silence" (Album, 2009) !DSO Recommended!


If, in spite of the fact that they currently have one of the best Formula 1 drivers on the planet, you've been looking for tangible evidence that people's views of Poland are out of date, then you need only stick Klake's debut release in front of them, sit back comfortably and relax, confident in the knowledge that once they've heard it your mission will have been accomplished.

I don't recall the last time I was as unexpectedly blown away by a release as I was when listening to the crystalline beauty of Bartek Ujazdowski's lilting electronica. Singing in English in a gentle whisper throughout, Ujazdowski is producing short (all ten songs run less than three minutes) distillations of ideas. About half the tracks don't have vocals. Those that do use a few lines of poetry to enhance further the already gorgeous music.

To Klake's remarkable credit, the emphasis is firmly on permanently fixing a recording of his inspiration or concept and, once accomplished, it is left alone. Bare and exposed, placed out there for others to take to their hearts or dislike as they may. This incredibly beautiful album has as much in common with early Simon and Garfunkel as it does downtempo or the outer edges of trip hop.

Chasing Silence is also evidence that the world and we humans who occupy it are fragile, and as wonderful as the human spirit is, we are flawed and prone to introspection and reflection. However, as a Starman once said about us humans: "You are at your very best when things are worst". Listening to Chasing Silence creates one of those amazingly rare but wholly satisfying moments of total completion. The feeling that it is okay not to be perfect, in fact, better not to be when you are able to express it in the manner that Klake does here. Sublime. 9/10

Rob Dyer (May 2010)

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