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Urusei Yatsura: Only You

(Mamoru Oshii, Japan, 1983)

[Urusei Yatsura: Only You]While the films in this anime series (translated as Those Obnoxious Aliens) are definitely better animated than the TV episodes thanks to the extra money and time available, it is with reservations that I recommend the movies to you. This is simply because, if you haven't seen the first few instalments, you will have no idea what's been happening. And with 200+ TV episodes, the answer is a LOT.

30-word summary: High school lecher Ataru is 'owned' by alien babe Lum, who has taken up residence in his home, much to his distress. With her and her friends around, life isn't dull... It's amazing how this scenario can be stretched into an almost infinite variety of different ways: unlike the dreaded Ranma 1/2, which seems to run out of idea after about five episodes, there is a delightful sense of inventiveness. In the first movie, made in 1983 and titled Only You, we discover that Lum isn't the first alien princess to have targeted Ataru when another one, called Elle, turns up to collect him. At first Ataru is deeply keen on the idea - anything will be better than Lum and her super-electric-shocks - but then he discovers Elle has a special place for him. Deep-frozen, along with her other 99,999 'husbands'. All of a sudden, marriage loses its appeal. 7/10

Jim McLennan

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