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Urusei Yatsura: Remember My Love

(Kazuo Yamazaki, Japan, 1985)

[Urusei Yatsura: Remember My Love]Urusei Yatsura movie three, which came out in 1985 under the title Remember My Love isn't quite up to the standard of the first couple, even if Ataru does get turned into a hippopotamus. This is due to a curse placed on Lum by a witch, to prevent her finding true love. Even with the addition of a most unusual funfair, this isn't as memorable as either of the first two films, though still contains a fair number of amusing moments.

All of the first three Urusei Yatsura films were made available in the UK through Anime Projects - and fortunately, so are several volumes of the TV series, so you needn't go into the films totally blind. As well as the TV episodes, and a whole host of OAVs, there are three further movies (including what may be the strangest feature-length anime), but those will have to wait until next time... 6/10

Jim McLennan

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