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The Adventures of Evil & Malice #1

(Words and art by Jimmie Robinson, colours by Chris Butcher Published by Image comics )

A comic about two 12yr old girls, aimed at 12yr old girls? I really shouldn't like this as much as I do. All it does is reinforce the idea that comics are for kids and "not intellectual like proper books". Except that if you think of stuff that is supposedly "for kids", you'll see where this narrow-minded idea goes wrong. Loony Toons, Tintin and Asterix et al were all definitely created with children in mind, but there's enough depth there for adults to appreciate them as well. Evil & Malice isn't really that deep, but it is fun, and it looks good. And there's nothing wrong with eyecandy now and then, is there?

Evelyn and Malinda are the daughters of the Evil Crime boss, Black Eye. They spend their time disobeying their father by sneaking out of the house, not doing their homework, and thwarting his evil friends' evil plans to take over the city, with the help of their trusty robo-outfitted cat, Spooky.

Graffiti fans will be reminded of old hip-hop pictures, and there's an element of Craig Scanlon's Hairy Mary characters about the bad guys. The colours are gorgeous. Totally fluffy, but lots of fun, The Adventures of Evil & Malice is nothing revolutionary, but a decent enough way to waste some time on the (school) bus.

Website: http://www.evilandmalice.com Designed by Jimmie Robinson himself, this site features some cool pictures (my fave is Spooky the cat in his robo-suit) and (coming soon) games to play online.

[Load time rating: graphics heavy, so **]

Anna Jellinek

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