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Jenny Finn

( 4 issue mini-series, words by Mike Mignola, art by Troy Nixey Published by Oni Press )

Most people may know Mike Mignola as the creator of Hellboy. Here, he tries his hand at something different, and succeeds in turning out an interesting little number.

Set sometime in the late 19th century, with a Jack the Ripper type character on the loose, a country innocent called Joe and the eponymous Jenny Finn, the start of this tale hints at magic and mystery. What is the special hold Miss Finn seems to have over people, and why do they all metamorphosise into weird fishy-human hybrids? Who is the man butchering the local prostitutes, and will their ghostly forms ever find rest?

There seems to be much weirdness going on around here, and the writing is surreally offset by Troy Nixey's unusual black and white artwork. Initially a disappointment after Mignola's smart cover, Nixey's style soon grows on you, and perfectly suits the surreal tale inside.

Oni Press are one of the few independents out there still prepared to take a calculated risk, and this time it seems to have paid off. Certainly one worth seeking out.

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[Load time rating: good and fast *****]

Anna Jellinek

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