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Little Red Hot

(Trade paperback Words and art by Dawn Brown Published by Image)

It is always refreshing to see a strong female character in comics - even more so when she's been created by a woman. So I was extremely heartened to see that one of my favourite mini-series of late has made it into graphic novel format.

Little Red Hot is Chane, a bounty-hunter with a love of hard cash and a tendency to leave death in her wake. And whilst behaving as recklessly as every young single woman should do, she goes home every night to her husband for a cosy meal. Maybe the reason she kills so wantonly is because she doesn't have a soul. She doesn't have a soul because it was given away as her dowry. That's right, her husband is the devil. And he's a chubby, hairy little man, who wears nothing but his underpants in the middle of the street -- unless he's wearing one of his loud Hawaiian shirts.

Shortly after deciding she's going to quit the bounty-business for good, Chane is offered a shot at big cash. This involves taking a man dying of cancer halfway round the world to meet a man he wants to apologise to. Naturally, Chane's husband is angry with her about this. And meanwhile, there's threat of war breaking out over the Panama Canal, and there's a presidential election due. Politics is a messy business, doncha know?

Full of high-speed action, Little Red Hot is an enjoyable romp across international territories, that takes in religion, betrayal, death, life and love in the space of three short issues and still comes to a satisfying conclusion. Now, when's Chane coming back?

Anna Jellinek

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