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(Trade paperback Words by Greg Rucka, art by Steve Leiber Published by Oni Press)

The most unforgiving landscape in the world has to be Antarctica. Just look at the statistics provided in Part 2 of Whiteout - 30 million kilometres of ice! That's cold.

Despite the cold, and despite being a woman in what is very much considered to be male territory, Marshall Carrie Stetko enjoys her job. That is, until a murder mystery and a British spy turn up on her doorstep and then the nightmarish aspects of Antarctica start revealing themselves all too clearly.

Greg Rucka has written a fantastic thriller here, icy-chilling and brandy-warming in all the right places. Steve Leiber's black-and-white artwork shows the starkness of the landscape and the claustrophobia of the workplace to great effect. The plot is succinct, with the twists coming at just the right moments. This is one of the best graphic novels around at the moment, and definitely worth checking out if you like edge-of-your-seat thrillers.

http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/show-interview/r-g-uckareg/002-5518945-0704430 interview with Greg Rucka at amazon.com

Anna Jellinek

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