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Heavy Liquid

(Words and art by Paul Pope 5 issue mini-series Published by Vertigo/DC)

If you want something a little bit different for your consumption tonight, might I suggest the special? For that is what Heavy Liquid is. First of all, there's that distinctive artwork. Then there's the fact that, for once, DC has left out all the crappy ads that usually interrupt a story, meaning you can get really engrossed for a change. And what a story... Opening with main protagonist, S and his fugitive friends discussing the future of this illegally-come-by heavy liquid; there's a parade going on outside, and three headcases with strange masks are after the stuff. Exit S, stage right.

No one is quite sure what the heavy liquid is, but S has discovered that you can turn it into a black ink if you heat it. Meanwhile, somewhere else, there's a rich collector who wants to make an alloy and then commission an artist to sculpt something. By turns as murky as the heavy liquid itself, and as crystal clear as S's intuition, Heavy Liquid is an intriguing comic. Paul Pope's two-colour artwork is as much of a trip as the black ink that S likes to drop into his ear canal, and S is a modish guy who almost looks like one of Pope's self-portraits.

Vertigo/DC don't usually let the creators loose like this, and the chances of them doing it again will be gauged against the success of Heavy Liquid, so buy this now -- if only to give other creators the opportunity to branch out into a wider market. Excellent stuff, all round.

http://www.paulpope.com Paul Pope's official site. Lots of pictures and news.

Anna Jellinek

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