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Top Ten

(Words by Alan Moore, art by Various Published by America's Best Comics)

"The other guys are mostly dogs, lesbians and devil worshippers. They seem OK" Top Ten is a law-keeping force of sorts. All sorts. All sorts of misfits. Except that, even in 1999, they're not misfits because of their mutations or sexuality or religious preferences, but because they are human(oid), and come with the same paranoia and hang-ups as the rest of us. But this is 1999 in a parallel universe, and things that seem pretty weird to us are just normal for them. The end result of all these weird people is a comic that reminds me of Judge Dredd and the earliest issues of Justice League Europe. Back in the day, these were two of my favourites, so consider that to be praise.

Alan Moore is obviously having fun with the characters here, which makes the comic fun to read in return. The robo-guy with a doberman's face, the zen cabby, the officer who can "phase" her bodymass, the humanoid cow, everyone here has got some kind of quirk, but after a while they all seem as normal as you or I. No, honestly.

There's so much going on in the introductory issue, that any semblance of plot just about flies out the window, but with this many colourful characters about, that's hardly surprising. And the characters are enough to pique my interest into buying the next issue, which is a good sign.

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Anna Jellinek

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