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Hellboy: Box of Evil

(Words and art by Mike Mignola, 2 issue mini-series, published by Dark Horse )

Mike Mignola's artwork is always a pleasure to look at, and in this Hellboy story, it's fantastic as always. Fortunately, the story is too, making this an all-round great series.

Hellboy - the world's greatest paranormal detective - is called in to investigate the usual occult shenanigans, this time involving St Dunstan, a demon and a hand of glory in an old Scottish mansion. Coming up against an old acquaintance that he once put in prison, he is forced to show his true colours and fight for a demon crown. The 2 issue story is perfectly compact and leaves no unsatisfying threads, ending with a predictable inevitability, that further shows Mignola's ability for story-telling.

Each issue also comes with a short strip featuring a couple of other characters, including Hellboy's sidekick, Abe Sapien. Both are beautifully illustrated and fun to read, just like the rest of the comic.

http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Station/8225/ - Hellboy site featuring links, character breakdowns, complete bibliography etc.

Anna Jellinek

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