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The Extended Dream of Mr D

(Words and art by Max, Published by Drawn & Quarterly)

Another comic I picked up on a whim, The Extended Dream of Mr D was certainly a worthwhile purchase. Translated from the Spanish, the artwork is typical of some European comics, being of a simple cartoon style, which perfectly reflects the simple life of protagonist, Christopher D.

His dreams are simple too, on the surface, and yet closer reading would indicate that things might be more complicated. The narrative reflects the dreamlike qualities; switching locations and introducing characters which leaves the reader feeling empathy for Christopher's bewilderment.

While we are aware that the man called Scallywax is not all he seems, and a good deal more menacing than he appears, even with his long Cossack moustache, it is reassuring to discover that Mr Su is friendly and happy to stay along for the ride to satisfy his curiosity of how the story ends. Fortunately, my curiosity was piqued too, and as Scallywax's ulterior motive is never made clear, I have the perfect incentive to buy the next issue.

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Anna Jellinek

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