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Life of a Fetus

(Words and art by Andy Ristaino Published by Slave Labor Graphics)

This is pretty weird. The foetus in question is an emancipated Marx-quoting mini-man on stocky legs. Honestly. He broke free from the shackles of confinement within his mother's womb, turning her completely dotty in issue 1. Now she's a fugitive from a mental institution and is being ably assisted by a big lunk to track her baby down.

Meanwhile, Fetus has been found by a little boy called Billy who assists his glove-puppet doctor friend in making scientific experiments. Look, I told you this was weird. And it gets weirder. Mom shaves her head and gets into carnival costume to make it easier to hide from people (!), some evil-looking men in black are asking questions (their head honcho looks a bit like Spy vs Spy) and there's a strange space-travelling dandy fellow called Jack Hazard. He's rather cool, actually.

This all reads like some crazy kid's creation, and even the lettering gives this impression, done as it is in a childish handwriting style, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors galore. It's weird but fun and the artwork is pretty cool.


Anna Jellinek

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