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The Horror of Collier County

(Words and art by Rich Tommaso, 5 issue mini-series, Published by Dark Horse Maverick)

This is cute. It opens with Fran and her 6yr old daughter Lucy trapped on the roof of their car in fear. Is this the Horror of Collier County? Turn the page to see....

What you'll see is gentle comedy in Rich Tommaso's new series. And it's far more light-hearted than his recent Clover Honey. Fran and Lucy are visiting Fran's mom in Paradise Falls, Florida. Mom wants Fran to move down for good, although they bicker and squabble. It's interesting to see how their relationship is mirrored in Fran's relationship with her own daughter - and kind of reminds me of some real-life three-way mother-daughter relationships I know. I guess these things must be pretty normal.

It doesn't seem like everything in Collier County is normal, though. Mom has strange neighbours and Lucy stands out a bit as a "weird kid". Well, she does wear a dress with skulls printed on it. It's so cute, though. There are some delightful moments of humour here - the haveago hero with the great catchphrase (how can you not love someone who shouts "holy shitballs" when he's bollock-naked?), Fran's revenge attack on two bullies, the bickering between Fran and her mom. This would be a great comic to buy the kids if it wasn't for the swearing.

Ending on a total cliffhanger - what has Fran found? - guarantees I'll be buying the next issue, but even without that, the delightful black-and-white artwork and convincing characterisation would ensure it a place on my list.


Anna Jellinek

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