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(Words and art by Jim Mahfood and Scott Morse, Published by Oni Press)

Aw yeeeeaaaah. A collaboration between two of my favourite creators in comicdom. Sweet. Voodoom manages to showcase the distinctiveness of both artists, and not look like an incoherent mess, which is a pretty damn remarkable feat, considerin g that both artists favour such differing styles. Mahfood is a master of slick lines, and Morse favours loose brushwork, but it all comes together. And the pages where Troy Nixey's on background detail are just genius. I want! The story's pretty good too. Of course, it's a little silly, but what do you expect when the main characters are a hep zombie cartoonist and an alien? Heh. I love it, coz it makes me laugh every time I read it, especially the confusion over the drinks. And the guest appearances of characters from Grrl Scouts. And the jokes about Sith Lords. And the acupuncture scene. And the games. And... Oh hell. Just buy the damn thing already. It's good stuff, OK?

http://www.crazyfish.net - Scott Morse's site

http://www.40ozcomics.com - Jim Mahfood's site


Anna Jellinek

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