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(Story by Brian Michael Bendis, Art by Michael Avon Oeming, Colours by Pat Garrahy Published by Image)

I can't stop raving about Powers. It's one of the best monthly titles around right now. Yes, it has superheroes (the eponymous Powers), but they're mostly part of the background. The story focuses on the police team of detectives Walker and Pilgrim, as they try to find out who murdered Retro Girl. Every issue ends with a goddamn cliffhanger that leaves me on tenterhooks until the next issue comes out.

Brian Michael Bendis is a brilliant writer, and even the fact that he's taken on a ton of writing jobs right now doesn't appear to have lessened his knack for writing a good comic here (unlike some writers I could mention). The artwork is gorgeous, too. Michael Avon Oeming's excellent inks are set off perfectly by the subtle colours of Pat Garrahy. And the guest appearances by superpeople from other comics are just genius! If you're not reading Powers yet, you should be.

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Anna Jellinek

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