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(Words by Peter Bagge, art by Gilbert Hernandez Published monthly by Homage/DC )

There seem to be a few of these comics being launched these days - cool ones aimed at kids and adults. First we had The Adventures of Evil & Malice and the Hernandez-edited Measles and now we have Yeah!

For me, it's kind of bizarre. Pete Bagge is known for his blisteringly funny attacks on American culture in his comics, Hate! and The Bradleys, and Gilbert Hernandez usually does his full-frontal sex thing in Love & Rockets. But, it's good to see them both taking a new departure, and if it grabs the kids at a young age and gets them into their other stuff, that can only be a good thing (assuming the retailers sell it to them, of course!).

Yeah! is about three young women in an intergalactically famous band. They're HUGE on Venus, but no one on Earth has heard of them, and their slimy manager is no help. Will the girls ever get the recognition the deserve on their home planet? And do we care enough to follow their antics every single month? I'm just not sure there's enough longevity in these characters, even if I do like them at the moment.

Written in an old-fashioned style, where the gang always helps out at the fund-raiser and their parents (whom they love very dearly) never understand them, Yeah! is cute in a nostalgic sort of way. The artwork is as simple as the story. As such, it's perfect for young children, and I like my fluffy eyecandy too, but I get the feeling that too much of this will leave me yearning for Bagge's bile and Hernandez's gritty realism all to soon.

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http://www.dccomics.com/directcurrents/comics/covers/yeah3.jpg cover of issue #3 at the Official DC site

Anna Jellinek

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