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Little Gloomy

(Words by Landry Walker, art by Eric Jones Published by Slave Labor Graphics)

Is there a junior goth working in the submissions department at SLG or something? Every comic I've picked up lately from this particular publisher has had that cutesy gothic feel. Gloomcookie, Lenore, JtHM, Stitch, and now Little Gloomy. Maybe it just says something about me, that the cutesy-but-gloomy covers appeal to me. And Little Gloomy certainly has an appealing cover - cute wittle monster people are always appealing. The way the characters are designed reminds me - a lot - of the two kids in the new Playstation game, 40 Winks. The round faces, the big wide eyes.... The style is reminiscent of Japanese cartoons, but oh, I do like my eyecandy.

The story here seems a familiar one of love spurned and broken hearts. Seems like all the guys like little Gloomy, and will do each other all manner of mischief to get her. And if that wasn't bad enough, going out of the house is a hassle which involves fending off men with no teeth who try to chew her legs ("Oh my god, I've been gummed") and strange women who seek eternal youth by bathing in Gloomy's blood. Full of the usual swipes at Hammer horror staples, this first issue is simple and fun and looks fantastic. I'm definitely buying the next gloomy little issue.


Anna Jellinek

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